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New Physical Educator Teaching ResourcesAre you looking for a specific resource? Then New Physical Educator is comprised of best educational resources for your use. This page is packed with selected and great educational resources. The purpose of this page is to provide learners with well-researched resources across various categories. These are targeted resources that will save you the time and stress of making research on your own.

The resources listed here are widely approved and utilized in the physical education world and also in some small resources that may work in special situations like teaching in limited space. These resources are in different types. The resources include links to websites, names of books with descriptions about them, and even product reviews that are unbiased. If you have a resource you would like to share, please feel free to contact us.

Planning and Teaching Resources

National Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes:


Resources for Making Rubrics and Quizzes




Support Real Teachers

From their website: Welcome to our website supportREALteachers.org, a non-profit educational website that promotes quality physical education through advocacy and free access to information and resources. We believe that every child has the right to standards-based quality physical education focused on developing the skills, knowledge, virtues and dispositions needed to become a physically literate person.



OPEN is a backward designed curriculum project that targets SHAPE America’s National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes. OPENPhysEd.org membership is free.

Spark PE

SPARK is dedicated to creating, implementing, and evaluating research-based programs that promote lifelong wellness.

SPARK strives to improve the health of children, adolescents, and adults by disseminating evidence-based Physical Education, After School, Early Childhood, and Coordinated School Health programs to teachers and recreation leaders serving Pre-K through 12th-grade students.

Each SPARK program fosters environmental and behavioral change by providing a coordinated package of highly active curriculum, on-site teacher training, extensive follow-up support, and content-matched equipment.

Captin Pete’s Power PE


Hand over fist worth of valuable resources to use in your PE program.


Online Activity Resources and More



From their website: “As PE Central moves into the new millennium we hope to continue to bring visitors the latest information about the teaching of Health and Physical Education. Our primary mission is “to assist teachers, parents, and others who work with youngsters to guide them in the process of becoming physically active and healthy for a lifetime“. We certainly do appreciate all of those folks who have visited our site. The growth and popularity of the site have gone beyond our wildest imagination.

Visit their lesson plan page herehttp://www.pecentral.org/lessonideas/pelessonplans.html



This site is a video repository of physical education activities and ideas across many topics ate all levels.

The PE Specialist 


The site was created to help teachers save time, learn to become more effective at their craft and promote quality Physical Education in schools everywhere.

The Physical Educator

ThePhysicalEducator.com is an online professional development resource for physical educators. Our mission is to help you become the best physical education teacher you can be. We will do this by producing high-quality resources for you to use in your teaching, by helping you connect and share with fellow teachers, and by providing engaging professional development opportunities which you can attend.

The PE Geek 


Learn how to use technology in your PE classroom.

The PhysEd Depot


This site offers a place for P.E. teachers to access content resources for use in their gyms or spaces

Physed Review


From books to music to equipment They review it all! It is their goal to update this site at least once a month. If you ever have any questions about anything you see on this site, feel free to contact them at any time. I hope you enjoy your visit to Phys.Ed.Review!!!

Literature Enhance Physical Education


A wonderful resource for books you can read to students about games they play in PE.  Also a wealth of other PE related information!

Active Academics


Active Academics® is a resource built “by teachers and for teachers”. Our activity idea database provides lesson ideas for all school settings, grades PreK – 8. We are continually looking for new ideas to share with our 4000+ users. If you have a great idea and would like to see it published, click the chalkboard above to submit it!

Gift 4 Kids


You can find any common core subject, and the site will provide you with lessons to integrate it into PE! 

J Cahill PE


A site with practical games and videos showing real students doing those games.

Blogs Worth Following


These blogs are great for ideas, information, and general resources for physical education teachers to learn, network and grow.

The S&S Worldwide Blog


This blog has a large catalog of blogs on a large number of topics.  Topics like indoor recess activities that keep kids moving to how to prepare for that first day of class are just two of many.  Visit the blog at the link below.

Pe Central Articles


While this is not a traditional blog in the sense that it updates often it has high-quality articles  Topics range from how to dress as a PE teacher to transition ideas.  Written by physical educators and professors of the field this is invaluable information to have access to.

Shape America Blog


This blog has some important topics from PE teachers.  Topics range from getting an athlete to visit your school to how to survive situations  It is worth looking through.

Books Worth Reading


No Gym, No Problem by Charmain Sutherland

This resource contains nearly 100 activities that may be used individually to enhance existing curriculum or combined to create full-fledged lesson plans that meet specific skills, concepts, or fitness objectives. Whatever the purpose, these activities

  • overcome space limitations, giving children a safe environment in which to learn and grow;
  • us the equipment effectively and efficiently in tight spaces; and
  • are specifically designed to minimize prep time and budget demands.

Teaching Children Physical Education – 3rd Edition: Becoming a Master Teacher by George Graham

In 2007, Dr. Graham was inducted into the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) Hall of Fame. He is also a fellow in the American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education (2005) and the North American Society of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Professionals (2004). Dr. Graham has also received the Margie Hanson Honor Award presented by the Council on Physical Education for Children in 1997 and the NASPE Curriculum and Instruction Academy Honor Award in 1996. He served as the executive director of the United States Physical Education Association. With his graduate students, he wrote the first developmentally appropriate document for NASPE. With his undergraduate students, he spends several weeks each semester in elementary schools teaching children physical education.

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Integrating Literacy into Your Physical Education Program (graduate level)


Integrating Math into Physical Education

Integrating literacy into physical education

Integrating Literacy into Physical Education

Teaching in Limited Space

Teaching in Limited Space

Conquering Your First Year as a New PE Teacher

Conquering Your First Year as a New PE Teacher

How to Plan and Execute a Field Day

How to Plan and Execute a Field Day

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