Inspirational Poems

Dear Readers, It has been my pleasure to answer some of your questions over the past school year. This month, however, I have decided to change things up with some inspirational musings. As most of us are sharing the same dog days of summer, and the want to go back to...

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Inspirational Poem

Dear Readers, I have chosen this month to not share a poem, but a moment of reflection in the form a of a poem regarding the power we hold as Teachers. As I was watching our 5th graders promotion ceremony, watching them perform, receive acknowledgments for academic...

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Dealing With Burn Out

Dear Charles, It is late in the year, and I am feeling burned out. I have had a rough year, and I cannot wait for it to end. Do you have any suggestions on how to get through to the end of the year and not lose it? Ms. E Dear Ms. E I can assure you pretty much every...

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