About New Physical Educator

Being new to anything can be hard, but being new to physical education can be especially difficult. Any way you slice it, whether you are coming from the classroom, just out of college and new to the profession, or changing careers like I did, without the right advice and resources this transition will be bumpy at best. Everything you learn in theory is wonderful information. But, when going to apply a theory to a real-world situation, it can sometimes feel like putting a round peg in a square whole. That is to say, it can cause frustration. The goal at New Physical Educator is to alleviate some of that frustration by providing the tools to help make your transition a little more fruitful.

Charles SilbermanMy name is Charles Silberman, and I am the founder of this website. When I was first thrown into the field of teaching, I underwent a trial by fire way of learning. That meant learning on the go while trying to figure it all out. I tripped over my own feet and had a difficult time adjusting to my environment. I had no gym, and my office was a storage closet. My equipment was limited, and no one could have prepared me for the kind of students, principals, and unique situations that would lie ahead. My first two years, for better or worse, were tumultuous. It wasn’t until I got transferred into a new school during my third year of teaching that I flourished. It’s amazing what difference a school could make with different leadership, proper space to teach, and the right tools. My goal with this website is to prevent anyone from suffering because they have been thrown into situations that are not tenable for a successful teaching experience.

On this site, you will find a few helpful sections. The first is a Q and A section that is based off of a column I wrote for several years for my state physical education association called “Dear Charles”. In the column, I answered questions from new teachers. The Q and A section is a myriad of unique questions with thorough and detailed answers to many questions one would not know to ask until they were in a situation that called for it. The Q and A section also doubles as a blog with more research-based articles on important trends in physical education and health topics. The last section is the resources section. Here I will provide you with resources that I wish I had when I started working as a physical educator, with everything from teaching in a classroom, to finding the right activities for students, to finding places for professional development.

Although I could spend all day explaining my story and the accolades I have come to earn from my struggles, I will tell you that this resource was created so that you do not experience the same unkind transition.

If you prefer to learn more about me, you can view the many projects and initiatives I have done as a teacher and advocate for physical education at one of the websites below. I went through those tough years transitioning into education from another career and turned it into a career of advocacy and success. I would like to help you do the same as I am a strong believer in mentoring new teachers and integrating academics and literacy into physical education.

Charles Silberman