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New Physical Educator

Follow along to learn about my experience as a physical education teacher. There will be highs and lows to contend with, but that is why I’m here to help! I will also share valuable resources and fresh P.E. ideas that will keep you ahead of the curve.

How to Integrate Literacy Into P.E.

Literacy is so important in today’s world. If you have children, or work with children in any capacity, you know this truth is self-evident, as illiteracy among our youth is such a crucial challenge to address. According to the , “The link between academic failure and...

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What Makes a Great PE Teacher?

What Makes a Great Physical Educator? This is a loaded question. While there are certain tenets that make a great teacher in general, there are also intangibles that make teachers great. And these are not mutually exclusive. For example, one can have the tenets of a...

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3 Killer Tips for Preparing for The Big Sale to SAVE!

It is finally here; the big ‘Teachers Pay Teachers’ sale that saves you 25% off all items in our store, which are already affordable to start with.  This is your chance to get some amazing resources to start your school year and, in some cases, carry you into or...

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5 Refreshing Lessons I Learned Over My Summer Break

It is an annual rite of passage for students across the country. A way of bridging the gap between summer and the start of a school year. A way for teachers to tap into students’ experiences outside of the mechanical routines of a school year and to glean into their...

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Have An Amazing Start As A P.E Teacher From This Point ON!

You have landed here because you want to be a physical education teacher that excels. This can be a difficult experience. You will stumble over situations that de-motivate you and it isn’t your fault.

Don’t worry!

I am Charles Silberman, a physical education teacher, and I have created this website especially for you. My own experience is written in ups and downs, but I must admit that there were some negative situations in which if I knew better, I wouldn’t have fallen.

I am here to help you avoid those situations!

If you want to know more about my motivation behind creating this website, stick around for a while.

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P.E Resources

It isn’t all talk. I provide real and tested material that you can use for your physical education classes. Also, you can find material to help you develop and grow as a teacher. You will find tips on how to overcome tough situations as a physical education teacher, all from my teaching resources.

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